Make Canada Great – Summary

Problems to solve:

  1. We can not fill any kind of jobs in Canada, be it doctors, nurses, farmers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, miners, teachers, construction, truckers, etc., all personnel are always in shortage.
  2. Young Canadians are hand to mouth as majority of their income goes towards paying rent/mortgage of a very expensive and inflated housing market.
  3. Canadians pay a lot of taxes, both income and sales, that reduces their purchasing power greatly, and adds to their misery.
  4. Most of things we use are imported from outside Canada. We are very vulnerable to international supply chain disruptions. More importantly, these countries can easily punish us at their will either by stopping or delaying the shipments. One country in particular.
  5. Canadian exports are geared towards very narrow band of Countries. These countries can easily punish us at their will by stopping or postponing buying from us. One country in particular.
  6. Canadian kids are not as academically competitive as an average international kid, that does not bode well for Canada’s future.
  7. Do what you can get away with is getting more and more popular than do the right thing.
  8. Canadians get bullied/manipulated by their government very easily.
  9. A lot of Canadians do not have understanding of what real Canada is.
  10. Canada is heavily influenced by external forces, affecting its sovereignty. One country in particular is targeting Canada to suck its natural resources.
  11. Do we need to call 911 when someone physically attacks us or intrudes into our home or attempts to rape us, or there are other options?
  12. Native reconciliation never gets done, does an average Canadian even know what is it really about?

1. We can not fill any kind of jobs in Canada, be it doctors, nurses, farmers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, miners, teachers, construction, truckers, all personnel are always in shortage.

Pele said: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice.”

One might have heard in news that there is a shortage of workers in this field or in that field but I say every field. As of today, in Lower mainland BC, one can not find a family doctor. One simply can not. Because all the current doctors are running full capacity with patients so they are not accepting any new patients. But Canadian population keeps growing via immigration, courtesy our government. I and my mom are with out a family doctor. Unfortunately, our doctor passed away recently at a young age. So I can observe the phenomenon first hand now although I was well aware of it before. By God’s grace, we are healthy and don’t need much medical attention but the point is all professionals are in shortage, perennially. And it’s getting worse with each passing year.

Our public schooling system promotes fun, rather then hard work, from the beginning. This sets up students for failure as by the time they get to grade 11/12 and start thinking about post secondary, they have lost their competitiveness as well as motivation. So a whole lot of them do not pursue post secondary education or trades. This explains why we have shortage of personnel for all jobs.

We have a shortage of labor jobs as well which does not need post secondary education. A lot of labor jobs are low paying, so no one can survive on them with high cost of living. So they are hard to fill too.

The solution from government is to use immigration to fill both high tech and labor jobs. This is akin to admitting that we are too dumb to fix our own mess. We keep putting bandages over the problem. This path is not sustainable. Not to mention that government has no plans to build schools, hospitals, housing, and all other government services for new people, government just keeps herding them in. While immigration may be needed for other reasons, incompetent K-12 schooling should not be the reason.

Should we make our schooling system better so that students learn to work hard, be motivated, and pursue all kind of jobs, trades, businesses, and entrepreneur ventures so Canada is self sufficient?

2. Young Canadians are hand to mouth as majority of their income goes towards paying rent/mortgage of a very expensive and inflated housing market.

Without a permanent place to live, a person never truly feels secure in life. A Country, whose population has been priced out of its own housing market, is no longer a Country, it’s a vassal state, owned by the few rich people. It’s even worse when a vast number these elites are foreigners and have no affiliation with Canada except financial. The Country has no sovereignty left at this point. The Country will quickly become a third world Country, meaning that middle class living in poverty, corruption all around as people are hand to mouth. So Canadians being priced out of their own housing market is a big big big deal, to the extent that it is threatening Canada’s very existence.

How does a Country with one of the biggest area, and not over populated, gets its housing market in a bubble within a decade?

Population hubs are in east coast and west coast, so population is not uniformly distributed. But still we have plenty of land. So what gives?

There has been incessant buying of Canadian housing, and now agricultural land as well, by foreigners, mainly by mainland Chinese investors, with active connivance and aided by our government, banking industry, and real estate industry. As foreigners put a floor under the price, local investors are encouraged to jump into the speculation knowing that the market only goes up. Throw in the 400,000 new immigrants each year, courtesy Justin Trudeau, a similar number of student visas and an unknown number of work visas, the total number could be around 1 million. And the last nail in the coffin is annual inflation aka money printing by the bank of Canada on behalf of the government to keep interest rates near zero.

As an example, say new houses built annually are 150,000, on average three occupants, good for 450,000 people i.e. only 45% of the need. So with each year the deficit gets bigger and bigger. The recipe of disaster for Canadians is complete. The lifetime choke of debt on young Canadians is guaranteed. They can’t raise families without owning a decent place of their own. Needless to say, Canadian’s won’t have families. Is Justin Trudeau laughing at us?

We are under dual foreign influence, we can thank Justin Trudeau for this. First is letting foreigners buy our real estate with their dirty money, while hard working Canadians’ money can’t compete with it. And it’s our Country. There is no business of foreign money buying Canada piece by piece. Anyone who enables this, is working for foreign interests, and stabbing Canada in the back. Second foreign influence is also enabled by Justin. Letting in new 1 million people from outside to Canada each year, when existing Canadian’s can’t afford a house, it necessarily an attack on Canadian kids future. These kids will grow up to be renters their whole life. They will not have and will not raise families as there is no affordable place to put families. Mean while, Justin will keep getting more people from outside to keep increasing the population, and to guarantee that his family keeps ruling Canada.

Some solutions can be: 1. Ban foreign buying of Canadian houses and agricultural land, 2. Give foreigners two years to sell to the Canadians what they own, after which government will do it for them, 3. Only as much immigration is allowed as new housing is built for them.

3. Canadians pay a lot of taxes, both income and sales, that reduces their purchasing power greatly, and adds to their misery.

Calvin Coolidge said: “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”

Canadians pay one of the highest taxes in the world: income tax, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, gift tax, heck they don’t ever spare when one dies, slap an estate tax. And taxes don’t stay static, they go up every year as if the monster is always hungry no matter how much you feed it.

Now taxes are necessary to provide the services like roads, schools, transportation, hospitals, policing, military etc., the issue here is government’s incompetence. How do we know if same services can be provided by two third of tax than what is charged but for government’s wastage, inefficiencies, and tax incentives to favor special interest groups?

We are also taxed multiple times on the same income. For example, we pay income tax, but when we spend the remaining money, HST is again slapped on it. Another example, each time a used car is sold, government gets it’s cut of HST. So if car changes multiple owners, government get multiple taxes on the same car. Same goes for a house or land.

Lower taxes promote entrepreneurship, hence creates jobs, helps in innovation and economy. Higher taxes kill businesses. Bigger government means higher taxes, more corruption in government, more misery for Canadians.

4. Most of things we use are imported from outside Canada. We are very vulnerable to international supply chain disruptions. More importantly, these countries can easily punish us at their will either by stopping or delaying to sell us. One country in particular.

Quote: “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.”

There is not much manufacturing in Canada. We mostly export raw materials like crude oil, lumber, fertilizer, metals, uranium, grains, meat etc. Heck, we don’t even make our own toilet paper, even though we export soft lumber that is used to make toilet paper. Apparently we don’t do much manufacturing because of higher standards of pollution, higher cost of labor, and perhaps in some cases because of lower number of Canadian consumers.

We should find ways to produce at least critical things that are needed for basic sustenance during emergencies, or if there is disruption to international supply chains, or if relations turn bad with nations we import from. We are blessed in Canada with plentiful and clean air, water, and land. There is no reason not to be able to produce for our own consumption 1. processed and unprocessed food items like grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, meat, 2. finished oil and gasoline products for cars and heating, in our own refineries, 3. Clothing, housing materials, toiletries, communication equipment, 4. You get the idea, anything that we need if Canada is cutoff from the rest of the world.

Independence is a pre-requisite for interdependence. One cannot negotiate with trading partners if we are already dependent upon them for our needs e.g. dependent upon China for our 5G networks.

5. Canadian exports are geared towards very narrow band of Countries. These countries can easily punish us at their will by stopping from buying from us. One country in particular.

There is a famous quote: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The main things that we export are raw materials like crude oil, lumber, fertilizer, hay, metals, uranium, grains, meat, canola oil etc. The biggest customer is China. China has insatiable appetite for raw commodities to feed their factories, and then export back to dumb us and the rest of the world. They consider Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and South America as their raw material suppliers and hence try to bring these countries under their influence as much as possible 1. to guarantee uninterrupted supply, and 2. to get favorable prices.

China has the habit to punish their raw material providers whenever they are out of line. Once they had banned Canadian canola oil on the pretext of quality when in reality they were punishing Canada for being out of line. They have recently banned wine and iron ore from Australia to punish them. They also use human beings as they had detained two Michaels to punish Canada for being out of line when Canada detained daughter of Huawei’s daughter at USA’s behest.

It’s because of reliance on exports to China, that Canada almost acts as its puppet, courtesy, not only Justin Trudeau, but also his predecessor Stephen Harper. Once Canadian spy agency CSIS gave report to Stephen Harper that certain MLAs from Richmond BC and in direct contact with Chinese Government. In response, Stephen Harper asked for resignation of CSIS chief. That’s the state of our Country when Chinese government is concerned.

The solution is straightforward: 1. Minimize the raw commodities export, instead convert them into finished products, and then export. This will generate employment and grow economy, 2. What can not be processed here because it is uneconomical, diversify the export destinations.

6. Canadian kids are not as academically competitive as an average international kid, that does not bode well for Canada’s future.

Gianni Versace said “It’s nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.”

Canadian schooling standards are going down each year where academics are concerned like Science, Math, English etc. And I believe academics is the primary purpose for schooling. Other purposes are socializing, sports, dramatics etc. Some call our current schooling as watered down, some call it free daycare. I read this in user comments in several CBC posts on education on their website. Sounds right to me.

When an international student migrates to Canada and goes to K-12 schooling system, immediately s/he realizes the s/he already knows everything that is being taught in the current grade as well as the next years grade, and in some cases the grade two years down the road too. So they are one to two years ahead of us. Regardless, an international student finishing grade 12 in a country outside Canada knows a hell of a lot more about academics than an average grade 12 graduate in Canadian schooling system. As a result of lower educational standards, majority of Canadian kids are neither capable nor motivated to pursue post secondary education. And consequently, we need to bring a whole lot of professionals from outside.

The cause of poor schooling is that special interest groups and some times teacher’s union have taken over the education. The kids are the last priority. Lack of participation of kids’ parents is also another cause, which gives schools free reign to do anything. For example, special interest groups pushed for SOGI education in grade 11/12, then they moved to grade 6, and I think now they are pushing it to kindergarten level. Think about it, sexual identity education to kindergarten students! The point is we have forgotten the prime purpose of schooling i.e. academics. We are hollowing out the foundation of Canada as current kids will be in charge of Canada in future.

Another point to consider is that we have a lack of understanding that family has rights over kids not state. Family produces kids not state. Parents spend sleepless nights to cater for kids not state. Public schooling trains kids early on to rat on their parents if they get disciplined by parents. Result is parents feel helpless in instilling discipline in their kids to study and work hard if the child does not cooperate. Hence, children get free reign on spending their time in pleasure activities, which is natural tendency of all human beings, if no discipline is enforced. And this sets them up for failure early on. Kids are not pushed in the schools either to work hard as every student is guaranteed to advance to the next grade just based upon attendance. There are no semi-annual and annual exams to enforce learning. Ultimately only those kids succeed whose parents spend enough time to work with them or somehow some kid is self motivated. Or if the kid is in private school.

As Canadians, we need to remember that competitiveness is always gained by hard work. There is no short cut. And it needs to start for a kid from the day one.

7. Do what you can get away with is getting more and more popular than do the right thing.

Albert Einstein said: “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.”

If people world wide are grouped into two categories, one doing things what ever they can get away with and the other always doing the right thing, you can notice that the rotten countries have majority doing former and well off countries have majority doing latter. By rotting countries I mean majority is poor, hand to mouth, the government structure is corrupt from top to bottom, but select few are rich. A well off country will have majority living a decent life, government is generally honest. These behaviors are not coincidences. Whether impoverishment is caused by general lack of morals or morals are sacrificed when a person is hand to mouth, is hard to say, but they always go side by side. I would say it is a gradual process, one feeds off other, and develops over a long time, like decades or even centuries. If you look at the four ancient civilizations, they all fall under third world category in the present day world, even though they were once at the epitome of human achievement.

Take the example of USA, which had been a very free and rich country as it was found from scratch by European settlers, who used all the lessons learned in European history, to put in their constitution. USA had been the greatest country in the world ever, both economically and militarily. And yet, over the past few decades, they found ways to get corrupted and are on a downhill now. And simultaneously, their morals are taking a back seat. Canada is heading in that direction fast and furious as well.

A few examples of degrading morals in Canada: transit did not check tickets in bus/train in the past because why wouldn’t anyone buy a ticket, but now we have more and more people of morals that why would one buy ticket if no one is checking; in corporate world, there is cut throat competition among employees, back stabbing is quite common, wasn’t like that before; honking horn on other vehicles is getting common now, it was non existent before as it was considered heaping insult on person being honked at; above all, government has gone corrupt, they deceive people with false promises just to get the votes, when they don’t deliver, people have no outrage, so it perpetuates.

Result is that just about everything in Canada is going in the wrong direction and there is no end in sight, like : taxes, house prices, food prices, schooling standards, line ups at all government services, trust in government at all levels, trust amongst fellow Canadians, general morals and honesty levels, living standard of common Canadians, etc.

One solution can be that honesty, integrity, and morality have to be stressed in all walks of the life, in businesses, governments, schools. Corruption needs to be punished with heavy sentences, including governmental corruption. Too many times, petty crimes get heavier punishment than government crimes that resulted in destroying thousands of people’s lives.

8. Canadians get bullied/manipulated by their government very easily.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

In Canada, majority of people fear government, the events in the past two years have amply demonstrated this. With each passing year, people’s involvement in government activities and holding government accountable for its actions is going down. This emboldens government to do anything at their pleasure, perhaps work more for special interest groups than the common public. And now Canada has gone to a new low.

Majority of people have actually started treating government as their masters rather than servants. Where as the government is elected to serve people and are handsomely paid for it, government is treating itself as monarchy. And with a docile, complacent, and cowardly majority, government is able to get away with it. The proof is handling of covid.

Government put foot in the door by saying two weeks lockdown to flatten the curve, denied early treatment of covid to people, claimed an experimental vaccine is the only solution, made it two doses, now unlimited doses, declared the unvaccinated people will be denied services like gyms, restaurants, airlines, pitted people against people, called them racists and misogynists. Government even tried to deny them groceries in NB are a trial balloon, but it had to be taken back due to massive backlash. But they tried.

Canada has a dark history where things were forced upon people like residential schools, sterilization etc. It was considered that it will never ever be repeated in Canada. Yet, here we are, living it live right now with forced covid vaccination upon its population. It is clearly breaking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Nuremberg code, to which Canada is a signatory. And the majority of Canadians don’t mince a word.

People have been scared with systematic propaganda from all news channels. Dissenting voices are suppressed by the government. People are busy in their lives, not appreciating that without freedom, there is no prosperity. As it emboldens government, they will come after everyone one by one for different reasons. Canada will turn into one of the impoverished Countries where people have no rights, no power to fight back against government tyranny, majority is hand to mouth, worried about the next meal and the rent.

Canadians should read and re-read their Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then evaluate their government against it. Check if at any point, any of government policy is infringing on their rights, directly or indirectly. If any infringement found, Canadians should protest to immediately reverse it. Canadians should not blindly trust their government. All Canadians should learn how to organize a protest. It will be needed multiple times in their lives, not just against government, but other authorities as well. This world is not as innocent as it is made out to look.

9. A lot of Canadians do not understand what real Canada is.

Mark Twain said: “Loyalty to Country always, loyalty to Government, when it deserves it.”

Canada ranges from -40 degrees to +40 degrees, she has plains, mountains, snow, forests, lakes, villages, towns, cities. She has agriculture, mining, oil and gas, forestry, fertilizers, metals and minerals, fresh water and air, poultry, meat, dairy, wild animals. She has everything that humans need for sustaining life.

People living in cities, towns, and villages need all these resources equally to sustain. Yet, a whole lot of people living in cities have no idea where and how, everything they need everyday to sustain, comes from. They may even look down upon anyone not living in a big city. Their voting pattern is to vote for the wokest person who is anti anything outside a city. At the same time, a typical city dweller with this kind of mentality, will not last 24 hours if their electricity, water, gas or hydro for heating, gas for car, electricity for charging electric vehicle, or food is cut off. Yet they vote to cut off the roots of very people who keep them alive.

City people should be grateful to people living in the interiors, who make City life possible, not despise them by blindly following woke politicians. For this reason, every Canadian should have a thorough understanding of what Canada is, whether they are born in Canada or migrated to Canada. This knowledge has to come from actually living outside city for substantial time, and engaging in a natural activity, to truly appreciate Canada once and for all.

10. Canada is heavily influenced by external forces, affecting its sovereignty. One country in particular is targeting Canada to suck its natural resources.

Sun Tzu said: “All warfare is based on deception. There is no place where espionage is not used. Offer the enemy bait to lure him.”

As we speak, Canada’s housing market has been cornered by foreign investors, precisely Mainland Chinese Investors. Just like there has been gold rushes in the Canadian history, when everyone rushes to those areas to look for gold, an housing rush is going on in Canada. The charge is lead by foreigners. And the shear numbers and buying power of foreigners has overwhelmed the supply of housing. Add agricultural land to it too.

This is a direct attack on Canadian sovereignty. If an average Canadian can’t afford to buy a house and is forced to pay inflated rent all life, s/he will live hand to mouth always. Poor people have no strength to fight for and defend democracy. Canada will become much like the down trodden countries where their constitution is only on paper. It’s not practiced. Corruption is everywhere.

Nortel was Canada’s world leading telecom equipment company. It went bankrupt. Were it not so, it would be providing 5G now to Canada and to the rest of the world. As per some news articles, Nortel was hacked by Chinese government operatives to steal the technology. Ultimately, whatever Chinese Government did, it killed Nortel. Now, in the present day world, Canadian government is giving contracts to Huawei of China to supply all the 5G equipment. So everything we do on internet/phone/social media, will be recorded and stored by China on Chinese servers sitting in China. This is another attack on Canada’s sovereignty.

Justin Trudeau has taken lot of loans from Chinese banks to pay for his largesse to handle covid. Covid itself came from China. Being indebted to China is yet another way that we are losing our sovereignty to China.

I am sure there are a lot of other ways in which it is happening too, but as a common Canadian, I can easily see the above examples even without access to any special intelligence information. Speaking of intelligence, Canada does not have a strong and empowered intelligence agency to counter foreign interference. For example, once Canadian intelligence agency, CSIS, gave report to Stephen Harper that certain MLAs from Richmond BC are in direct contact with Chinese Government, Stephen Harper asked for resignation of CSIS chief. That’s the state of our government vis a vis intelligence agency. And Justin Trudeau is neck deep with Chinese government and it’s agents.

Canada does not have a basic army to defend against any external aggression. We have a symbolic army that tags along where ever US deploys its forces, to help in everything except actual line of firing. US needs us for mostly political reasons so that they can claim it’s an international coalition, whey they bomb innocent civilians. No one might invade us because we are next to US, as US won’t tolerate that. But the side effect of this is that we lose self respect. US has upper hand in all trade negotiations and disputes. Also we lose respect at international stage. Just like an individual feels empowered by having some muscle and bearing some self defense weapon in an hostile environment, so does a Country.

11. Do we need to call 911 when someone physically attacks us or intrudes into our home or attempts to rape us, or there are other options?

Ronald Reagan said: “Self-defence is not only our right; it is our duty.”

Once fear creeps in a person, it may never truly go away. Fear breeds fear. Best is handling it head on. There are innumerable people whose life is wrecked by one or more fears.

We have big guys, who feel secure where/when ever they go like to a: bar; deserted street in the night; back alley in the downtown; alone in bus/train at night; alone in parking lot; if someone seems to follow them in the night; in an altercation; when an intruder comes into house. But what about the rest of the people? Men with relatively weaker physique, women, young girls, old women? I guess a lot of people experience a lot of fear in a lot of situations and know when/where not go at certain times. Is this a free Country? Are these free people? Shouldn’t everyone feel safe 24/7 on every inch of the Canada?

A person who is fearful on occasions because of other human beings, can never really feel fulfilled in the life. Feeling free, courageous, and empowered at all times is a basic human need. Every thing else should be built around or over it. There is a saying “God made men, Colt made men equal.” This is one solution. I am all ears for any solution other than calling 911. Calling 911 may be too late, one may not have phone, one may not get time to call 911. It’s not very assuring, for example to people who have been rape victims or other physical assault victims. The reason 911 works, assuming one is lucky enough to get them before getting assaulted, is not because cop wears uniform, but because cop carries a firearm, and is allowed to use it when justified. So can a civilian Canadian who is trained and vetted just like a cop and a military personnel.

Some historical facts: 1. Sikh religion was formed in 1699, all Sikhs are required to carry a sword with them, to protect themselves and to protect those who can not defend themselves, 2. US constitution gives right to Americans to carry and bear arms, the purpose is that no one should live in fear, no one should be at mercy of anyone.

12. Native reconciliation never gets done, does an average Canadian even know what is it really about?

Timothy B Tyson said: “If there is to be reconciliation, first there must be truth.”

Kids are taught in schools about native history, they make cards and drawings about it. Once they grow up, they hardly encounter any natives in their work places or lives.

Every government talks about reconciliation with Canadian native population. Government after government, like a clockwork. It never gets done though, otherwise they won’t keep promising it. I doubt if an average Canadian understands what’s the issue here. I doubt even the governments understand, let alone to solve it.

Let me analyze with my simplistic knowledge about it. Europeans invaded Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Europeans had superior weapons and military organization. So they were successful in occupying. In rest of the world in the history, in this kind of scenario, occupiers just take over everything. Sometimes, occupied regroup, fight, and take it back. In Canada’s and the other three countries’ case, the land was so much, and population so sparse, that both parties continued living on the same land separately. Only thing happened is that natives were pushed to interiors of the land. Treaties were signed and broken. Attempts were made to assimilate natives with occupiers via resident schools etc. All they did was leave deep scars.

Fast forward to the present day Canada, natives mainly live in small towns and villages. They provide some of their own services like schools and perhaps partly hospitals, while a whole lot of services are provided by the mainstream government like water, electricity, gas. I don’t know how it will look like in 50 years or 100 years. But the model does not look sustainable.

One possibility is that natives live completely independent, nothing to do with the rest of the Canada. Is it even possible? The other possibility is that they are given alternative lands in city and Canada becomes one nation. Not that it will be acceptable to natives, but I believe Canadian government will bring in a whole lot of immigrants to inhabit native lands and we will lose the nature that natives have preserved for so long.

I think the crux of the problem is that native population is a little less than 5%, the other 95% people constitute Canadian Government. So the government can’t be forced to give a generous deal to natives. But at the same time, being woke, government has to look like they are working on it. So they make woke statements. But nothing ever gets done. Just the charade continues. So, in the end, I would welcome other people’s ideas, especially who have more in-depth knowledge. All I know is that after all these decades, some natives don’t even have access to clean drinking water.