Make Canada Great – Summary

Problems to solve:

  1. We can not fill any kind of jobs in Canada, be it doctors, nurses, farmers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, miners, teachers, construction, truckers, etc., all personnel are always in shortage.
  2. Young Canadians are hand to mouth as majority of their income goes towards paying rent/mortgage of a very expensive and inflated housing market.
  3. Canadians pay a lot of taxes, both income and sales, that reduces their purchasing power greatly, and adds to their misery.
  4. Most of things we use are imported from outside Canada. We are very vulnerable to international supply chain disruptions. More importantly, these countries can easily punish us at their will either by stopping or delaying the shipments. One country in particular.
  5. Canadian exports are geared towards very narrow band of Countries. These countries can easily punish us at their will by stopping or postponing buying from us. One country in particular.
  6. Canadian kids are not as academically competitive as an average international kid, that does not bode well for Canada’s future.
  7. Do what you can get away with is getting more and more popular than do the right thing.
  8. Canadians get bullied/manipulated by their government very easily.
  9. A lot of Canadians do not have understanding of what real Canada is.
  10. Canada is heavily influenced by external forces, affecting its sovereignty. One country in particular is targeting Canada to suck its natural resources.
  11. Do we need to call 911 when someone physically attacks us or intrudes into our home or attempts to rape us, or there are other options?
  12. Native reconciliation never gets done, does an average Canadian even know what is it really about?