1. We can not fill any kind of jobs in Canada, be it doctors, nurses, farmers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, miners, teachers, construction, truckers, all personnel are always in shortage.

Pele said: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice.”

One might have heard in news that there is a shortage of workers in this field or in that field but I say every field. As of today, in Lower mainland BC, one can not find a family doctor. One simply can not. Because all the current doctors are running full capacity with patients so they are not accepting any new patients. But Canadian population keeps growing via immigration, courtesy our government. I and my mom are with out a family doctor. Unfortunately, our doctor passed away recently at a young age. So I can observe the phenomenon first hand now although I was well aware of it before. By God’s grace, we are healthy and don’t need much medical attention but the point is all professionals are in shortage, perennially. And it’s getting worse with each passing year.

Our public schooling system promotes fun, rather then hard work, from the beginning. This sets up students for failure as by the time they get to grade 11/12 and start thinking about post secondary, they have lost their competitiveness as well as motivation. So a whole lot of them do not pursue post secondary education or trades. This explains why we have shortage of personnel for all jobs.

We have a shortage of labor jobs as well which does not need post secondary education. A lot of labor jobs are low paying, so no one can survive on them with high cost of living. So they are hard to fill too.

The solution from government is to use immigration to fill both high tech and labor jobs. This is akin to admitting that we are too dumb to fix our own mess. We keep putting bandages over the problem. This path is not sustainable. Not to mention that government has no plans to build schools, hospitals, housing, and all other government services for new people, government just keeps herding them in. While immigration may be needed for other reasons, incompetent K-12 schooling should not be the reason.

Should we make our schooling system better so that students learn to work hard, be motivated, and pursue all kind of jobs, trades, businesses, and entrepreneur ventures so Canada is self sufficient?