2. Young Canadians are hand to mouth as majority of their income goes towards paying rent/mortgage of a very expensive and inflated housing market.

Without a permanent place to live, a person never truly feels secure in life. A Country, whose population has been priced out of its own housing market, is no longer a Country, it’s a vassal state, owned by the few rich people. It’s even worse when a vast number these elites are foreigners and have no affiliation with Canada except financial. The Country has no sovereignty left at this point. The Country will quickly become a third world Country, meaning that middle class living in poverty, corruption all around as people are hand to mouth. So Canadians being priced out of their own housing market is a big big big deal, to the extent that it is threatening Canada’s very existence.

How does a Country with one of the biggest area, and not over populated, gets its housing market in a bubble within a decade?

Population hubs are in east coast and west coast, so population is not uniformly distributed. But still we have plenty of land. So what gives?

There has been incessant buying of Canadian housing, and now agricultural land as well, by foreigners, mainly by mainland Chinese investors, with active connivance and aided by our government, banking industry, and real estate industry. As foreigners put a floor under the price, local investors are encouraged to jump into the speculation knowing that the market only goes up. Throw in the 400,000 new immigrants each year, courtesy Justin Trudeau, a similar number of student visas and an unknown number of work visas, the total number could be around 1 million. And the last nail in the coffin is annual inflation aka money printing by the bank of Canada on behalf of the government to keep interest rates near zero.

As an example, say new houses built annually are 150,000, on average three occupants, good for 450,000 people i.e. only 45% of the need. So with each year the deficit gets bigger and bigger. The recipe of disaster for Canadians is complete. The lifetime choke of debt on young Canadians is guaranteed. They can’t raise families without owning a decent place of their own. Needless to say, Canadian’s won’t have families. Is Justin Trudeau laughing at us?

We are under dual foreign influence, we can thank Justin Trudeau for this. First is letting foreigners buy our real estate with their dirty money, while hard working Canadians’ money can’t compete with it. And it’s our Country. There is no business of foreign money buying Canada piece by piece. Anyone who enables this, is working for foreign interests, and stabbing Canada in the back. Second foreign influence is also enabled by Justin. Letting in new 1 million people from outside to Canada each year, when existing Canadian’s can’t afford a house, it necessarily an attack on Canadian kids future. These kids will grow up to be renters their whole life. They will not have and will not raise families as there is no affordable place to put families. Mean while, Justin will keep getting more people from outside to keep increasing the population, and to guarantee that his family keeps ruling Canada.

Some solutions can be: 1. Ban foreign buying of Canadian houses and agricultural land, 2. Give foreigners two years to sell to the Canadians what they own, after which government will do it for them, 3. Only as much immigration is allowed as new housing is built for them.