3. Canadians pay a lot of taxes, both income and sales, that reduces their purchasing power greatly, and adds to their misery.

Calvin Coolidge said: “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”

Canadians pay one of the highest taxes in the world: income tax, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, gift tax, heck they don’t ever spare when one dies, slap an estate tax. And taxes don’t stay static, they go up every year as if the monster is always hungry no matter how much you feed it.

Now taxes are necessary to provide the services like roads, schools, transportation, hospitals, policing, military etc., the issue here is government’s incompetence. How do we know if same services can be provided by two third of tax than what is charged but for government’s wastage, inefficiencies, and tax incentives to favor special interest groups?

We are also taxed multiple times on the same income. For example, we pay income tax, but when we spend the remaining money, HST is again slapped on it. Another example, each time a used car is sold, government gets it’s cut of HST. So if car changes multiple owners, government get multiple taxes on the same car. Same goes for a house or land.

Lower taxes promote entrepreneurship, hence creates jobs, helps in innovation and economy. Higher taxes kill businesses. Bigger government means higher taxes, more corruption in government, more misery for Canadians.