5. Canadian exports are geared towards very narrow band of Countries. These countries can easily punish us at their will by stopping from buying from us. One country in particular.

There is a famous quote: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The main things that we export are raw materials like crude oil, lumber, fertilizer, hay, metals, uranium, grains, meat, canola oil etc. The biggest customer is China. China has insatiable appetite for raw commodities to feed their factories, and then export back to dumb us and the rest of the world. They consider Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and South America as their raw material suppliers and hence try to bring these countries under their influence as much as possible 1. to guarantee uninterrupted supply, and 2. to get favorable prices.

China has the habit to punish their raw material providers whenever they are out of line. Once they had banned Canadian canola oil on the pretext of quality when in reality they were punishing Canada for being out of line. They have recently banned wine and iron ore from Australia to punish them. They also use human beings as they had detained two Michaels to punish Canada for being out of line when Canada detained daughter of Huawei’s daughter at USA’s behest.

It’s because of reliance on exports to China, that Canada almost acts as its puppet, courtesy, not only Justin Trudeau, but also his predecessor Stephen Harper. Once Canadian spy agency CSIS gave report to Stephen Harper that certain MLAs from Richmond BC and in direct contact with Chinese Government. In response, Stephen Harper asked for resignation of CSIS chief. That’s the state of our Country when Chinese government is concerned.

The solution is straightforward: 1. Minimize the raw commodities export, instead convert them into finished products, and then export. This will generate employment and grow economy, 2. What can not be processed here because it is uneconomical, diversify the export destinations.