7. Do what you can get away with is getting more and more popular than do the right thing.

Albert Einstein said: “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.”

If people world wide are grouped into two categories, one doing things what ever they can get away with and the other always doing the right thing, you can notice that the rotten countries have majority doing former and well off countries have majority doing latter. By rotting countries I mean majority is poor, hand to mouth, the government structure is corrupt from top to bottom, but select few are rich. A well off country will have majority living a decent life, government is generally honest. These behaviors are not coincidences. Whether impoverishment is caused by general lack of morals or morals are sacrificed when a person is hand to mouth, is hard to say, but they always go side by side. I would say it is a gradual process, one feeds off other, and develops over a long time, like decades or even centuries. If you look at the four ancient civilizations, they all fall under third world category in the present day world, even though they were once at the epitome of human achievement.

Take the example of USA, which had been a very free and rich country as it was found from scratch by European settlers, who used all the lessons learned in European history, to put in their constitution. USA had been the greatest country in the world ever, both economically and militarily. And yet, over the past few decades, they found ways to get corrupted and are on a downhill now. And simultaneously, their morals are taking a back seat. Canada is heading in that direction fast and furious as well.

A few examples of degrading morals in Canada: transit did not check tickets in bus/train in the past because why wouldn’t anyone buy a ticket, but now we have more and more people of morals that why would one buy ticket if no one is checking; in corporate world, there is cut throat competition among employees, back stabbing is quite common, wasn’t like that before; honking horn on other vehicles is getting common now, it was non existent before as it was considered heaping insult on person being honked at; above all, government has gone corrupt, they deceive people with false promises just to get the votes, when they don’t deliver, people have no outrage, so it perpetuates.

Result is that just about everything in Canada is going in the wrong direction and there is no end in sight, like : taxes, house prices, food prices, schooling standards, line ups at all government services, trust in government at all levels, trust amongst fellow Canadians, general morals and honesty levels, living standard of common Canadians, etc.

One solution can be that honesty, integrity, and morality have to be stressed in all walks of the life, in businesses, governments, schools. Corruption needs to be punished with heavy sentences, including governmental corruption. Too many times, petty crimes get heavier punishment than government crimes that resulted in destroying thousands of people’s lives.