8. Canadians get bullied/manipulated by their government very easily.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

In Canada, majority of people fear government, the events in the past two years have amply demonstrated this. With each passing year, people’s involvement in government activities and holding government accountable for its actions is going down. This emboldens government to do anything at their pleasure, perhaps work more for special interest groups than the common public. And now Canada has gone to a new low.

Majority of people have actually started treating government as their masters rather than servants. Where as the government is elected to serve people and are handsomely paid for it, government is treating itself as monarchy. And with a docile, complacent, and cowardly majority, government is able to get away with it. The proof is handling of covid.

Government put foot in the door by saying two weeks lockdown to flatten the curve, denied early treatment of covid to people, claimed an experimental vaccine is the only solution, made it two doses, now unlimited doses, declared the unvaccinated people will be denied services like gyms, restaurants, airlines, pitted people against people, called them racists and misogynists. Government even tried to deny them groceries in NB are a trial balloon, but it had to be taken back due to massive backlash. But they tried.

Canada has a dark history where things were forced upon people like residential schools, sterilization etc. It was considered that it will never ever be repeated in Canada. Yet, here we are, living it live right now with forced covid vaccination upon its population. It is clearly breaking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Nuremberg code, to which Canada is a signatory. And the majority of Canadians don’t mince a word.

People have been scared with systematic propaganda from all news channels. Dissenting voices are suppressed by the government. People are busy in their lives, not appreciating that without freedom, there is no prosperity. As it emboldens government, they will come after everyone one by one for different reasons. Canada will turn into one of the impoverished Countries where people have no rights, no power to fight back against government tyranny, majority is hand to mouth, worried about the next meal and the rent.

Canadians should read and re-read their Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then evaluate their government against it. Check if at any point, any of government policy is infringing on their rights, directly or indirectly. If any infringement found, Canadians should protest to immediately reverse it. Canadians should not blindly trust their government. All Canadians should learn how to organize a protest. It will be needed multiple times in their lives, not just against government, but other authorities as well. This world is not as innocent as it is made out to look.