9. A lot of Canadians do not understand what real Canada is.

Mark Twain said: “Loyalty to Country always, loyalty to Government, when it deserves it.”

Canada ranges from -40 degrees to +40 degrees, she has plains, mountains, snow, forests, lakes, villages, towns, cities. She has agriculture, mining, oil and gas, forestry, fertilizers, metals and minerals, fresh water and air, poultry, meat, dairy, wild animals. She has everything that humans need for sustaining life.

People living in cities, towns, and villages need all these resources equally to sustain. Yet, a whole lot of people living in cities have no idea where and how, everything they need everyday to sustain, comes from. They may even look down upon anyone not living in a big city. Their voting pattern is to vote for the wokest person who is anti anything outside a city. At the same time, a typical city dweller with this kind of mentality, will not last 24 hours if their electricity, water, gas or hydro for heating, gas for car, electricity for charging electric vehicle, or food is cut off. Yet they vote to cut off the roots of very people who keep them alive.

City people should be grateful to people living in the interiors, who make City life possible, not despise them by blindly following woke politicians. For this reason, every Canadian should have a thorough understanding of what Canada is, whether they are born in Canada or migrated to Canada. This knowledge has to come from actually living outside city for substantial time, and engaging in a natural activity, to truly appreciate Canada once and for all.