10. Canada is heavily influenced by external forces, affecting its sovereignty. One country in particular is targeting Canada to suck its natural resources.

Sun Tzu said: “All warfare is based on deception. There is no place where espionage is not used. Offer the enemy bait to lure him.”

As we speak, Canada’s housing market has been cornered by foreign investors, precisely Mainland Chinese Investors. Just like there has been gold rushes in the Canadian history, when everyone rushes to those areas to look for gold, an housing rush is going on in Canada. The charge is lead by foreigners. And the shear numbers and buying power of foreigners has overwhelmed the supply of housing. Add agricultural land to it too.

This is a direct attack on Canadian sovereignty. If an average Canadian can’t afford to buy a house and is forced to pay inflated rent all life, s/he will live hand to mouth always. Poor people have no strength to fight for and defend democracy. Canada will become much like the down trodden countries where their constitution is only on paper. It’s not practiced. Corruption is everywhere.

Nortel was Canada’s world leading telecom equipment company. It went bankrupt. Were it not so, it would be providing 5G now to Canada and to the rest of the world. As per some news articles, Nortel was hacked by Chinese government operatives to steal the technology. Ultimately, whatever Chinese Government did, it killed Nortel. Now, in the present day world, Canadian government is giving contracts to Huawei of China to supply all the 5G equipment. So everything we do on internet/phone/social media, will be recorded and stored by China on Chinese servers sitting in China. This is another attack on Canada’s sovereignty.

Justin Trudeau has taken lot of loans from Chinese banks to pay for his largesse to handle covid. Covid itself came from China. Being indebted to China is yet another way that we are losing our sovereignty to China.

I am sure there are a lot of other ways in which it is happening too, but as a common Canadian, I can easily see the above examples even without access to any special intelligence information. Speaking of intelligence, Canada does not have a strong and empowered intelligence agency to counter foreign interference. For example, once Canadian intelligence agency, CSIS, gave report to Stephen Harper that certain MLAs from Richmond BC are in direct contact with Chinese Government, Stephen Harper asked for resignation of CSIS chief. That’s the state of our government vis a vis intelligence agency. And Justin Trudeau is neck deep with Chinese government and it’s agents.

Canada does not have a basic army to defend against any external aggression. We have a symbolic army that tags along where ever US deploys its forces, to help in everything except actual line of firing. US needs us for mostly political reasons so that they can claim it’s an international coalition, whey they bomb innocent civilians. No one might invade us because we are next to US, as US won’t tolerate that. But the side effect of this is that we lose self respect. US has upper hand in all trade negotiations and disputes. Also we lose respect at international stage. Just like an individual feels empowered by having some muscle and bearing some self defense weapon in an hostile environment, so does a Country.