11. Do we need to call 911 when someone physically attacks us or intrudes into our home or attempts to rape us, or there are other options?

Ronald Reagan said: “Self-defence is not only our right; it is our duty.”

Once fear creeps in a person, it may never truly go away. Fear breeds fear. Best is handling it head on. There are innumerable people whose life is wrecked by one or more fears.

We have big guys, who feel secure where/when ever they go like to a: bar; deserted street in the night; back alley in the downtown; alone in bus/train at night; alone in parking lot; if someone seems to follow them in the night; in an altercation; when an intruder comes into house. But what about the rest of the people? Men with relatively weaker physique, women, young girls, old women? I guess a lot of people experience a lot of fear in a lot of situations and know when/where not go at certain times. Is this a free Country? Are these free people? Shouldn’t everyone feel safe 24/7 on every inch of the Canada?

A person who is fearful on occasions because of other human beings, can never really feel fulfilled in the life. Feeling free, courageous, and empowered at all times is a basic human need. Every thing else should be built around or over it. There is a saying “God made men, Colt made men equal.” This is one solution. I am all ears for any solution other than calling 911. Calling 911 may be too late, one may not have phone, one may not get time to call 911. It’s not very assuring, for example to people who have been rape victims or other physical assault victims. The reason 911 works, assuming one is lucky enough to get them before getting assaulted, is not because cop wears uniform, but because cop carries a firearm, and is allowed to use it when justified. So can a civilian Canadian who is trained and vetted just like a cop and a military personnel.

Some historical facts: 1. Sikh religion was formed in 1699, all Sikhs are required to carry a sword with them, to protect themselves and to protect those who can not defend themselves, 2. US constitution gives right to Americans to carry and bear arms, the purpose is that no one should live in fear, no one should be at mercy of anyone.