About this blog


  • The purpose of this blog is to highlight the issues faced by Canadians and hence Canada.
  • These are fundamental issues that Canadians face and are impacted by everyday in their lives.
  • If any government isn’t aware of these issues, or pretends it is not aware, or refuses to even talk about them let alone acknowledge and work to resolve them, that government is incapable at best and traitor to Canadians at worst, or a combination of both.
  • If we have to make Canada great, we must first acknowledge them, and then work to resolve them.


  • Amrit Birring, email: amrit@amritbirring.ca
  • Born and spent first 26 years in India, earned an Electrical Engineering degree, and worked for a few years.
  • Worked and settled in Singapore for 2.5 years.
  • Migrated to Canada in 1996, has been since living here, and has no plans to move to anywhere.
  • Went back to school in Canada, this time earned a degree in Computer Science from UBC, Vancouver.
  • Has been working in Vancouver area as Software Developer and Software Test Developer since 2006.
  • Has played various sports at recreational level like soccer, volley ball, basket ball, ping pong, athletics.
  • Has picked up recreational activities in Canada like Taekwondo, Horse riding, Archery, Target shooting, Hunting, Back country camping, Hiking, 10K running.
  • Was 2021 Canadian Federal Elections candidate from Fleetwood-Port Kells riding for Peoples Party of Canada.
  • Passionate for freedom, can’t withstand powerful suppressing powerless, hates manipulation.